Greetings From The President

Ellen Dewey

At this writing, the house angrily snaps in protest to its expansions, following last night’s contractions as the temperature approached zero.  It  is 22° outside; the heat pump struggles, the comically puffed out birds outside my window still manage to forage, and I’m in various layers of fleece while keeping the thermostat a 66° in an attempt to halt the auxiliary heat.  Everything adapts.

Libraries, and by extension Friends, adapt, too!  To changing demographics, reliance on technology and the divide that accompanies it, cultural shifts, responses to environmental issues, and the list goes on…..  Many of you have noticed how our library has embraced some changes, and how under Jennifer’s and the county’s direction, it is meeting more of our population’s needs. Just look at the activity schedule in our newsletter. These are exciting times!

January 20th FOL meeting will feature Sherry Beck, Landscape Designer, who will present her ideas for a proposed outdoor patio/hardscape project, in conjunction with the Lake Norman Garden Club.  Sherri will bring visuals, and she will share her vision with us for discussion.  With the county’s emphasis on adapting constructions to be more environmentally friendly, we welcome Sherry’s ideas.


We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Sherrills Ford Branch Library.  Please join us.