Greetings From The President

Ellen DeweyAs a youth, I spent many hours at the Kenilworth Branch Library in Tonawanda, NY. It was my safe haven, as well as my window to the world. I would slowly walk the blocks to the library, examine its contents for a while, then quickly trudge home with my prizes; a couple books, sometimes a record. Community literacy takes so many different forms now, but it is no less important. It helps to shape individual lives, and those lives shape our community, our window to the world.

Since June’s election of officers, I have been feeling both excitement and apprehension about the new year. I look back on the years of extraordinary service by our past leaders; such large shoes to fill. I will be asking for your help, not just to fill traditional spots like Fall Fest volunteers, but for your help in shaping our goals, and in developing our programs to meet those goals.

Our first 2014-2015 SFTFOL meeting will be at the “old” library on Tuesday, September 16, 6:30PM. Among other items, Fall Fest will be on the agenda, set for Saturday, October 11.

And the news we have all been waiting for: The Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening for the new Sherrills Ford- Terrell Library will be Monday, September 29 at 4PM, and the library will remain open that evening until 8PM. Spread the word, and bring your friends and neighbors!

Together we can make this an amazing year for the Friends! Ellen

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Sherrills Ford Branch Library.  Please join us.